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Guides: From Blank Pages to Sophisticated Design

We've been getting lots of great feedback on what customers are looking for in a page layout tool.  One of the most interesting things we heard was from a journalist asking for guides to be easier.  I know this sounds silly - but what a great idea!

So if we throw out the notion of how all the other software applications do guides, what could we build to make it as easy as possible for you to turn a blank piece of paper into professional quality design?  Here's what we came up with…

Some people want to just drag a guide from the ruler onto the page and drop it in place.  Well, that's easy.  You might even want to move it after you put it down.  That's easy too.  But some people want to have precision in their guides - like making sure the guide is exactly at 2" on the horizontal axis.  Other people want to automatically distribute guides evenly across a page.  So we created the Guide Manager, allowing you complete control and freedom over guides. TPSGuide Manager
TPSRMGuides But why stop there?  If we're truly building the ultimate guide solution, why don't we give you guide layouts for common project types?  And this was the genesis of Ready-Made Guides.  You can choose from a variety of guide layouts, from three-column newsletters to tri-fold brochures.  Simply choose your preferred guide layout and add them to a page with one click.  Want more Ready-Made Guides?  Just use the Guide Manager to create your own layout and then save it as a new Ready-Made Guide.  It's really that easy.

Have you had a chance yet to use either the Guide Manager or Ready-Made Guides?  We'd like to hear what you think. 


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