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One thing you'll notice when you open The Print Shop 3.0 is that it looks a bit different from previous versions.  From the Project Picker to the Design Desk, we worked tirelessly to create the ultimate design experience.  Let me give you a tour.  We'll start clockwise from the left. 

Design Desk - Left Navigation Starting on the left-hand side of the design desk, you'll find buttons that allow you to create things. Under "Create New Project", either start from scratch or go to the Project Picker. Below that is an area called "Insert New Object". This is where you'll find all of the different elements you can place into a project, including headlines, text boxes, clip art and photos. And below that you'll find Smilebox - which is a really fun way to share your personal photos digitally through animated greetings.
Design Desk - Top Navigation2
Back up to the top you'll see several tabs. These tabs help you get to the tools that you need to customize each of the elements in your projects. Like Microsoft tabs, they're contextual - meaning that the corresponding tab will open when you select an object on the design desk. So, for example, if you select a headline that you've created, the headline tab will open. I would recommend spending some time getting to know those tabs so that you can get maximum use from all of the features.
Moving to the right-hand side you'll see a template store.  This is a direct link to PrintShopPacks.com, which is a great place to shop for additional project templates.  Please note that buying template packs is completely optional - The Print Shop comes with a ton of templates and clip art.  Template packs just offer some really great additional design options available from FREE to $10 per pack.  Feel free to browse some of the latest designs by using the scroll bar.  You can close the template store at any point by clicking on the arrow above the words "Template Store". Design Desk - Template Store
Moving to the bottom of the design desk, you'll see "Page Preview" and "Image Tray".  Page Preview allows you to quickly move between pages in your project.  Image Tray is a tool that lets you keep some of your most-used images handy as you move between projects.  See this blog for more information about image management.
Design Desk - Bottom Navigation

And then you're back to the center - which is where you create inspired design projects.

How do you like our makeover?


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