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Help Me Help You! yes, that is a reference to Jerry Maguire

We know that learning new software can be difficult.  That's why we spent a ton of time and energy perfecting the help files.  Our tech support manager Chris has spoken to quite a few of you and he knows the types of questions that you have.  Chris volunteered to work, in his free time, to write the User Guide for us.  Now, admittedly, part of that is selfish - the better the guide, the fewer calls he receives - but 99% of the reason Chris wanted to work on this project is that he loves our customers and he wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about all of the great features we've built for you.

One question you may be asking is why the help files are online instead of inside the box or in a PDF.  There are several reasons.

  1. Printing a User Guide this big kills a lot of trees.
  2. An online User Guide allows us to include not just text and images, but also video tutorials.
  3. We can now make sure that the User Guide is up to date.  For example, we take note of the questions you ask when you contact the call center, and we can add new topics to better help you work with the software.

To check out the User Guide, click here.

I would love it if you took the opportunity to thank Chris for all of his hard work.


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