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Bring Back the Address Book!

You asked, we answered.  And by the way, you were right - The Print Shop desperately needed an Address Book!

We modeled the Print Shop 3.0 Address Book off of The Print Shop 23, giving you a robust way to store and manage your contacts.  We created an easy wizard tool to allow you to import your contacts from just about anywhere you have them stored - including previous versions of The Print Shop, Gmail, Outlook and Excel.  Plus you can easily organize your contacts into groups, add dates like birthdays and anniversaries, set reminders…  It's all in there.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with previous versions, the big question might be - why do I need an Address Book in my Page Layout software?  The primary reason is Mail Merge.  Storing contacts inside The Print Shop makes it easier to add merged text to a project.  Plus you can add just the specific contacts within a group that you've created (like Family, or all of the contacts within that group except Aunt Margaret (sorry Aunt Margaret).  Shhh!  This makes it really easy to plan Aunt Margaret's surprise party.

Let's bring on the feedback.


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