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Top 10 Reasons You Don't Need to Hire a Designer

Let's face it - hiring a graphic designer is expensive, and not many businesses today can afford it.  Sure you are impressed with the saturated colors and the impressive photo cropping, but does it really need to cost thousands of dollars?  Absolutely not!  Here are some great reasons to create your own design projects with The Print Shop 3.0 Professional.

  1. The Print Shop is Affordable - At just $100 you can have the Professional version installed on your computer in just seconds (that's $1,200 less than Adobe InDesign!).
  2. High Quality Templates -Thousands of professionally-designed templates make it easy to get started.  You can customize one or just use it for inspiration.
  3. Easy to Learn - The Print Shop Professional was designed to offer professional quality desktop publishing tools like you see with Adobe InDesign, but with really easy options like slider tools and ready-made styles.  Plus, The Print Shop offers an extensive online user guide and detailed video tutorials to help you with any questions that may come up.
  4. Huge Collection of Clip Art - Graphic designers typically buy stock photos and clip art and the cost can add up.  The Print Shop comes with over 270,000 clip art images in a wide variety of styles.
  5. Personalization - Addressing your customers as individuals can help to build lifelong loyalty.  The Print Shop has an address book right inside the software.  You can import your customers from any source, including Gmail®, Outlook® and Excel®, and then use mail merge to put customer names on each piece.  Plus event reminders help you never forget a birthday or anniversary.
  6. Create Web Pages & Emails - It's important to create a consistent brand across print, web and email.  Print Shop projects can be saved as HTML and then easily pasted into emails or hosted on web pages for professional results.
  7. Post to Facebook® - With over 150 million Facebook users in the US alone we can confidently agree that your customers are among them.  Get the word out by posting business announcements in a graphically impressive way.  This is a great tool to promote open houses, sales, events…
  8. Print Right Now - One of the biggest benefits of having The Print Shop software on your computer is that you can print it out right now.  This comes in handy when you need to create fliers, agendas and signs for the break room.  Depending on the quality of your printer and the paper you select, you can create some really professional-quality results, including duplex and borderless printing. 
  9. Professional Printing - Sometimes you need the professional touch you can only get with offset printing.  Create your business cards, direct mail, brochures, posters and banners in The Print Shop and save them as a print-ready PDF.  Then you have the option of either local or internet-based professional printers that can finish the job for you.
  10. Try it FREE - If you are still wondering whether you can create your own high quality design projects, try out The Print Shop 3.0 Professional for two weeks at no cost.  It's really that easy.


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