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Fun Halloween Treats - Spooky Scary Stickers

This weekend, I was at the drug store when it occurred to me that I needed to start thinking about Halloween treats for all the Trick-or-Treaters.  I'd just spent some time with my nephews and seeing the amount of sugar they consumed made me start thinking about other, non-candy, options.  Back at home, I was at the computer, still thinking about my dilemma… when The Print Shop desktop icon caught my eye and I suddenly realized what I was going to hand out to all the happy little monsters and ballerinas that knock at my door on October 31. 

What kid doesn't love stickers?  I pulled up The Print Shop program and within 5 minutes, I was printing out sheets of Halloween stickers.  A few minutes later, they were cut, dropped in a pumpkin bowl and ready for kids to pick.

Here's how I made them - Quick, Easy and Fun!


Stickers from a pre-existing template:

  1. Select 'Stickers' from 'Select a New Project'
  2. Selecta layout style you like. (I used the 'Big Wild Cats Sticker' template)
  3. Delete all existing images
  4. Select themed images from the Clip Art selection and move them into your tray
  5. Select images that you wish to use and place them into your workspace.
  6. Reduce the size of the image so it fits nicely into the sticker space.  Using the ruler for guidance, size images down to fit the space.  Note:  Keeping images uniform will allow you to give out strips of stickers instead of individual ones.
  7. Once all spaces are filled, save your project, print on the appropriate sticker paper and cut.

Post provided by: Cindy Levin, Encore Employee


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