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Halloween with The Print Shop - Greeting Cards


Trick-or-Treating, Candy, Ghosts, Black Cats, Graveyards, Parties, Costumes, Pumpkins…  The Halloween list goes on and on and on - where to start can be a little overwhelming.  But not with The Print Shop!

The Print Shop is your Halloween headquarters, providing aisles and aisles of Halloween fun.  Greeting cards, invitations, candy bags, gift boxes, lanterns, even photo books to save and share all the fun.

With Halloween only three weeks away, now is the time to create those greeting cards to send to friends and family. 

Below you will find quick and easy steps to creating the perfect cards for everybody on your list.

Ready Made

  1. Open The Print Shop
  2. Choose Greeting Card from the list of Categories
  3. Do a search for the subject of your greeting card such as "Halloween"
  4. Click Search
  5. Click on the project that best fits your needs
  6. Flip through the pages and edit objects or add photos as needed, /user-guide/30/designing-and-modifying-a-project.aspx
  7. Print Your Project by following the instructions here, /user-guide/30/printing-your-finished-project.aspx 


Create from Scratch

  1. Open The Print Shop
  2. Click on Create from Scratch
  3. Name Your Project
  4. In the Project type drop-down choose Greeting card
  5. Choose a layout style you would like
  6. Select US letter or your preferred paper stock and click the create button.
  7. Flip through the pages and edit objects or add photos as needed, /user-guide/30/designing-and-modifying-a-project.aspx
  8. You can also add Sentiments by copying and pasting one into your project from here:  /sentiments.aspx
  9. Print Your Project by following the instructions here, /user-guide/30/printing-your-finished-project.aspx


Wait, don't stop there.  Words leave a lasting impression, which means you need the perfect message.  With 28 new sentiments added to our Halloween category and tons of Clip Art to choose from, your Halloween Greeting Cards are just waiting for you to create them.

New Sentiments Include:

Candy Bars, Gum, Jawbreakers, Caramel Apples, Licorice, Jelly Beans

          Didn't know Halloween had six food groups, did you?

Even a special potion concocted of the best newts, lizards, dragon hearts, dried bat tails, and secret herbs….

Couldn't conjure up someone as nice as you!  Happy Halloween!

Find more at http://printshop.com/sentiments.

No tricks!  Tell us what your favorite Print Shop Treat is!


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