The Print Shop for Macintosh User Guide

The Print Shop for Macintosh is designed to help you learn the software. Be sure to also check out the Video Tutorials and the Forums for additional ideas. To access the User Guide, either click on a topic in the Help Topics column on the left, choose a frequently accessed topic below or search for a specific top using the search bar on the right.
Adding Text
  1. To add a photo caption or other text to a page, click on the Text section of the Ribbon Tabs and click on the Add Text button. Alternately, choose Insert > Add Text from the menu or click on the Add Text icon 32 on the toolbar.
  2. A text box will appear in the middle of the page. For editing purposes, a light gray outline will appear around the text. This outline will not appear in the project's final output (print, JPEG images, etc.).
  3. Type your text in the text box. To change style elements after typing the text, highlight the portion of the text to change (any portion may be selected and changed independently of the rest of the text) and make the desired changes.

Click and drag to move the text box. Click on one of the gray handles (small boxes) around the edges of the text box to resize the text box.



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