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The Print Shop for Macintosh is designed to help you learn the software. Be sure to also check out the Video Tutorials and the Forums for additional ideas. To access the User Guide, either click on a topic in the Help Topics column on the left, choose a frequently accessed topic below or search for a specific top using the search bar on the right.
Adding Clip Art

To add clip art to a page:

  1. Select a page in the Page Thumbnails.
  2. Click on Clip Art in the Ribbon Tabs and click on the Add Clip Art icon. You may also choose Insert > Add Clip Art from the menu, or click on the Add Clip Art icon 44 on the toolbar to add clip art.
  3. The Choose Clip Art window opens.
  4. In the Choose Clip Art window:
    • Click on a category name in the left column (double-click on the category name or click on the plus sign or arrow symbol to expand categories). Available clip art will appear in the right column.
    • To get a more detailed view of the clip art, drag the Preview Size slider under the Preview area at the top right. Drag the slider to the left to see more clip art.
    • Click on an item in the right column.
    • Click on the up or down arrows next to Quantity to add more or fewer of that type of clip art (up to ten of one type at a time). Alternately, type a number between 1 and 10 in the box to change the quantity.
    • Click on the Add to Favorites button to save the currently selected clip art to the Favorites category.
    • The Search field allows you to find clip art by keyword or name. Check the Search selected category only box to limit the search to the category that you are currently viewing. Click on the X icon to clear the Search field.
    • Click on the Browse other… button to add one of your own files to the currently selected project page as clip art. Select the file in the new window and click the OK button. It will be added immediately to the page, although the Choose Clip Art window may prevent you from seeing it until closed.
    • Click on the Apply button to add the clip art to the page. The Choose Clip Art window stays open, allowing you to add more clip art.
    • Click the Close button to close the Choose Clip Art window.

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