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Make a Webpage

Even without knowledge of HTML, you can create a webpage with The Print Shop 6.0.  This program should not be used for creating an entire website.  For that you would need a stand-alone website design program.

You will need 2 things in order to share your new webpage on the internet:

  1. a web host (many ISP's give their customers some free web space - ask them how to access yours)
  2. a method to upload a folder and a file to your web space (FTP)

Here are a few ideas for using a webpage you've created:

  • a e-card greeting
  • a newsletter
  • a menu
  • a flyer

These things can also be exported as JPG or PDF and attached to emails, but for your readers, a webpage downloads faster and displays better, especially if there is a lot of text and pictures.

If you have a Facebook page, you can post the link to your webpage.

Start with a new SIGN project, letter size, landscape orientation (for better viewing on wide screens).  This will result in a 1056 x 816 pixel webpage.  (Choose a larger size if you need more space.)


I recommend adding a light colored background.  It will make your webpage show up better on a browser's white background.  Click the Project tab, then select a background color.


Add text and images.  Keep things simple.  Avoid a lot of special effects as they can cause problems during the conversion to HTML.  Use web-safe fonts (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman) because fonts not installed on the other person's computer will be substituted with a default font.

Save your project.  Next, in the Home tab, click the HTML button.  Name your webpage and save it where you can easily find it.  (e.g. I created a new folder called PrintShopTesting)  This action will generate two things:

  1. a HTML file
  2. a folder called image which contains all the graphics used in your project



Go to that location and you will see that folder and file.  Double-click the HTML file to preview your new webpage in your browser.  If all looks good, you are ready to upload these two items to your web space on your web host's server. 


Get the URL of your HTML file, and post or email your link so that people can see your webpage. 


Note: a 2 page project will have 2 webpages which will be connected by next and back text links.


written by lindarobin


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