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Holiday Open House Invitation

These colorful cards designed in The Print Shop, are printed by your favorite online 4x6 printing service.  This way, you'll get full bleed printing on glossy photo stock for much less than you'd pay for printing at home.



You will need to create a high resolution file suitable for uploading to your 4x6 printing service.  To ensure that your words look sharp, I recommend 450 dpi.  So the first thing to do is start a new blank project, custom size 9 inches wide, 6 inches high.  Later when this is saved as highest resolution JPG, it will result in a file that is 2700 pixels by 1800 pixels.  This is the same as a 6x4 at 450 dpi.


I often find design inspiration in a ready-made project.  The clipart has already been put together so you can reduce your time spent looking through the clipart gallery.  I opened the project "Christmas Party Candy Cane" alongside my custom 9x6 project...




then copy/pasted the clipart I wanted for my Open House invitation.


**Include a safety margin.**  Your printing service will trim the edges off your design to ensure that full bleed look.  Keep your images and text approximately half an inch away from the sides.

Save your project so that you can edit it in the future.  Then Save As JPG to create the file you will upload to your printing service.

Use your new 9x6 template whenever you want to create a high res JPG for professional 4x6 printing, like these examples made exclusively with The Print Shop images:



written by lindarobin


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