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Mini Flyers and Mini Cards

The Print Shop 3.5 and 4.0 can create multi-up projects easily!  I want to design a mini-flyer that will be exactly 6 per letter size sheet, so that I can cut them apart with no wasted card stock.

Whenever you want to create a multi-up project, you choose Label Sheet as your project type.  Here, I start a new blank project, choose Label Sheet, then click the New button to open the Custom Paper Stock maker.

The Paper Dimensions will always be 8.5 x 11 if you are using standard letter size paper.  Check This stock is a label so the program knows to auto-fill your paper with duplicates.

Enter your Number of Rows and Number of Columns.  Everything else is zero so that the paper will be divided into equal parts.


After I click the Save button, my new stock, 6 mini cards, appears in the list.  I select it, then click the Create button.


I add my text and graphics.  My printer doesn't do borderless printing, so I leave a white edge around my design.


Now I am ready to print.  The Print Shop prints 6 perfect duplicates.  These mini-flyers are smaller than a postcard, but bigger than a business card.  You can create your own mini-flyers/ mini-cards:

2x1 or 2x2 or 3x2 or 3x3

Just print and cut them apart.  There's no trimming the margins, no wasted card stock!


written by lindarobin


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