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Aligning Objects

Page Guides

To ensure accuracy when aligning objects, guides can be placed on the Page Canvas

Adding Guides

  • Enable Rulers, either from the View menu / Rulers or Project Tab Rulers icon.
  • Enable Guides, either from the View menu / Show Guides or Project Tab Guides icon.
  • Position your cursor over either the top or side ruler, left-click where you want to place a guide on the ruler.
  • You may adjust the position of the guidelines by placing your cursor over the line on the ruler, left-click and hold, then drag the line along the ruler to the new position.
  • You may also add multiple guides by left-clicking other locations along the ruler.
  • To remove a guide from your page, drag it off of the ruler bar. Or disable from view / show Guides.
Show Guides

Choose View > Snap to Guide to have the edge of objects line up with the nearest guide when you move them.

Guide Manager

With the Guide Manager you can create guides at specific positions, distribute evenly across page, save guide layouts as a template, and apply guide templates to projects.

Creating Guides

Enable Guides by click the Guides icon in the Project Tab. Then click Insert. You can define Horizontal and Vertical Guides by clicking the Add button. When done click ok and the guides will be applied to the project.

Page Guide Manager

Saving Guide Template

If you have created a set of guides that you want to be able to use on other projects you can save the guides as a template by clicking the Save icon.

Opening Guide Template

If you have saved guide templates you can apply them by clicking the Templates icon.

Removing Guides

To remove guides press the Clear icon

Removing Guides

Guides will not appear in the final project output (print, JPEG output, etc.).

Align Menu

Another way to align objects on the Page Canvas is with the Align menu item. The first six and last two options align selected objects in reference to each other. The other two options align objects with respect to the page.

  1. After selecting one or more objects, choose Arrange > Align from the menu (also available from the right click menu).
  2. Using the submenu that appears, choose from the list of available alignment options:
    • Top: Aligns all selected objects to the topmost object on the page.
    • Middle: Lines up the vertical middle of each selected object.
    • Bottom: Aligns all selected objects to the bottommost object on the page.
    • Left: Aligns all selected objects to the leftmost object on the page.
    • Center: Lines up the horizontal center of each selected object.
    • Right: Aligns all selected objects to the rightmost object on the page.
    • Center Vertical : Places all selected objects in the vertical center of the page.
    • Center Horizontal : Places all selected objects in the horizontal center of the page.
    • Space Evenly - Horizontal: Arranges the currently selected objects so that they all have the same amount of horizontal space between them.
    • Space Evenly - Vertical: Arranges the currently selected objects so that they all have the same amount of vertical space between them.


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