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Editing Clip Art

To begin editing clip art, click on it to select it. The Clip Art section of the Ribbon Tabs will open, displaying the available functions. Refer to the description of each function below:

Clip Art Ribbon Tab

Drop Shadow

Click on this button to add a shadow to clip art or to edit the clip art's existing shadow. A shadow makes clip art stand out and gives it a sense of depth on the page.

Clip Art Shadow Properties

In the Shadow Properties dialog:

  • Ensure that the Enable Shadow box is checked. Clear the check in the box to remove the shadow.
  • Use the Opacity slider to affect how dark or light the shadow is.
  • Use the Blur slider to increase or decrease the sharpness of the shadow's edge.
  • Click on the Change button next to the Color box to choose the shadow's color. See the Choose Color topic for more information on choosing colors.
  • Click on the shadow in the area to the top right and hold the mouse button while dragging to adjust the shadow's placement. You may also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge the shadow.
  • Check the On this page box to add a shadow with the same settings to each of the clip art on the current page.
  • Check the In this project box to add a shadow with the same settings to all clip art on every page in the project.
  • Click on the Reset to Default button to clear the current settings.
  • Click on the Save as Default button to save the current settings as the default settings for clip art in The Print Shop. To clear default settings, click The Print Shop menu and choose Preferences, click on the Shadow tab, check the Clip Art box, and click Reset to System Default.
  • The Remove button is another method for removing the shadow. This method allows you to remove shadows from all clip art in the project, all clip art on the page, or just the selected clip art. After clicking the Remove button, click on your choice in the new window that appears.
  • Click OK to place the shadow.

Rotate 90° Left/Rotate 180°/Rotate 90° Right

Click on the Rotate 90° Left button to rotate the clip art 90° counter-clockwise, the middle button to flip it vertically, or click the Rotate 90° Right button to rotate it 90° clockwise.

Rotate (by Degrees)

To rotate clip art drag the slider to set the angle of rotation. The number in the box at the top right will show the angle in degrees (negative numbers represent counter-clockwise rotation). Alternately, you can type a number directly into the box at the right and hit Enter/Return on the keyboard.


This allows you to make clip art semi-transparent (the original state of the clip art is 100% opaque - not transparent at all). Drag the slider to the left to make clip art more transparent. Drag the slider to the right to make clip art more opaque (less transparent).


Use these buttons to turn clip art into its mirror image. Click on the left button (Mirror) to flip the clip art horizontally. Click on the right button (Flip) to flip the clip art vertically.


Clicking on this button will bring up the Object Settings dialog, which allows you to make exact adjustments to the size and location of the clip art.

Clip Art Settings

Click on the up or down arrows next to each field or select a number and type in a new value to change the settings.

  • X - Changes the horizontal position of the selected object.
  • Y - Changes the vertical position of the selected object.Width - Changes the width of the selected object.
  • Height - Changes the height of the selected object.
  • Keep Proportions - When checked, this option automatically adjusts the height as you change the width, and vice versa, to keep the clip art from becoming distorted. Clear the check to allow stretching.

Cropping Clip Art Images

  • Select a clip art image.
  • From the Ribbon Tabs (top of The Print Shop.) click on the Clip Art tab if it has not already been opened.
  • Click on the Crop icon.At the bottom of that screen, click Crop Shape
  • Select the shape you wish to crop with and press Apply.
  • Adjust the window to select the area you want to crop and then click Ok.
Clip Art Crop

Clip Art Reset

Click on the Reset button to return the clip art to its default state.

Clip Art Remove

Clicking the remove button will delete the currently selected clip art.


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