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Using Quickpages To Make a Card

Have you tried using a quickpage?  What is a quickpage?  It is a professionally designed, high resolution 12x12 canvas created with beautiful graphics.  It contains a transparent window that allows you to slide in a photo, like putting a photo into a frame.  You can have a completely finished scrapbook page just by adding your photo.  That's what makes it quick.

You can download designer quickpages from printshoppacks.com, and many are offered for free for a limited time, so go peruse the free clipart section every once in awhile, and pick up some treasures, like this one:


To see the high quality of this download, I'll zoom in really close.


You are not limited to using a quickpage as a scrapbook page. It can be used to make a card which is what I'm going to show you next. This is going to be a Happy Anniversary card for Diane and Mark, so I am going to use a photo of them. When it is printed and folded, the card looks like this:

Blog Card

Let me show you how I made this card using 8.5x11 card stock.

Start with a new blank sign project, landscape orientation, US letter size.


I open a second window on my computer screen and browse to where I stored my quickpage graphic and my photo of Diane and Mark.  I drag and drop both files onto my project canvas.


I resize and position my two images to fit the letter size page. No image cropping is required here.  Anything outside the canvas does not print. I see how it looks on the Print Preview, and I am ready to print!



  • To maintain proportions when resizing, hold the Shift key as you drag the corner.
  • To move an image above or below another image, right-click the image, Arrange, choose forward or back.
  • If your printer does not print to the edge, resize and position your images within the printable area. Print, score, fold, and trim off the white borders to get a full-bleed look.
  • Remember to set your printer for printing onto card stock.

written by lindarobin


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