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Frame Your Photo


The Print Shop 6.0 Deluxe has hundreds of frames in so many styles to add flair to your photos.

Start with a new blank project and add your photo.  Click the ClickArt icon to open the Art Gallery.  Type frame into the Search box.  You'll find fun frames, traditional frames, decorative corners, artsy borders and more.


In this demonstration, I chose a ribbon wrapped chipboard frame which I have sized and positioned over my photo.  You can see where I will want to crop my photo to fit the frame.


Tip:  Click your photo, then create a copy of it to crop in the Image Editor.  That allows you to view your project while you do your cropping so you can see where to draw your crop boundaries.


With the copy of the photo selected, click the Image Editor icon in the toolbar above.  The Image Editor opens.  The Crop function is found under the Quick Fix tab.  Click the Crop button.  A box appears over your photo.  Click and drag the corners to define the area you want to keep.  Save.


The cropped photo appears on your project, but ?! it's stretched to fill its original dimensions.


No problem, just click and drag  the middle handle, looking at the original photo to help you get it just right.  Now you can remove the original photo and arrange the cropped one under the frame.


Here is my finished page featuring my framed and cropped photo.


written by lindarobin


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