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Business Card Design

Anyone can design their own cards and order them from online printers for the price of a dinner. Not all business cards are created equal, however.  There are a lot of poorly designed business cards out there! Here are some tips for designing a professional and aesthetically pleasing looking business card.

Let's start by looking at a poorly designed business card and see how it can be fixed.


Misuse of Fonts and Color

Color does grab people's attention, but that doesn't mean that you should use bright colors all throughout your business card design.  With all the colors vying for attention, there is no natural focal point.  People will tend to glaze over the whole card and the opportunity to make a good first impression is lost.

Using different fonts, font colors and font sizes helps emphasize certain words, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.  You want your text to be easy to read and to have a natural flow.  In the example above, the text with wide-ranging styles is scattered all over, forcing the eye to wander and lose attention.

Also, cheesy clipart is so last century!

This improved version has many of the same elements, but simple re-positioning and careful choice of fonts makes this business card easier and more pleasant to read.  I used the Print Shop's opacity tool on the photo to blend it into the textured background which is one of the graphics found in the program.


Other Important Considerations

  1. Ensure you provide a bleed as specified by your printer. 
  2. Avoid using a border around the entire card, as this will show misalignment in the trim if the card isn't perfectly cut.
  3. Don't use low resolution images.  They will print pixelated and make your card look very unprofessional.
  4. This is a business card, not a flyer.  Don't be tempted to cram information onto every inch of space.  It would look so crowded that most people won't bother to read it.

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written by lindarobin


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