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Card for Dad

This cute card for a first-time dad, was fast to make because I used a ready-made card template.  Nothing makes it more special and unique than adding a personal photo.


I will give you some tips for editing a ready-made template so you can apply these techniques to make your own special cards.

I started by opening the greeting card project Dad Stacked Letters Father's Day Card.  It's nice on its own, but for the dad in our photo, he's going to get an even better card.


You can see that the final design uses almost everything from the original design.  In fact, I don't add anything from the clipart gallery.

Tip #1: Lock items that you want to keep exactly as is.

When you select an item, an open padlock appears in the upper right corner.  Click it to close the padlock.  This locks the item so it doesn't move around or get accidentally selected as you work on the rest of the page.


Tip #2: Grab several items at once and move them.

This is a real time saver!  From the outside of the project, drag to form a rectangle that touches every item you want to grab.  When the mouse is released, you see the grabbed items selected. Click and drag this group to a new position.  Because the blue texture is locked, it wasn't included in the grab.


Tip #3: Change a shape.

You can switch from a given shape to any shape in the shapes menu, and still retain all of its effects such as image fill and shadow.

For this card, I wanted to add heart shapes with the same image fill and shadow as some of the "pattern paper pieces".  By creating a copy of the item (click the item, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), I can turn that copy into a heart shape. Click the Change shape button to bring up the different shapes, then click the heart shape.


Now you can see where I have copied items and turned them into hearts on top of my photo,and a matte under my photo.  Everything coordinates so well that I didn't have to go looking for more clipart.


Tip #4: Make a JPG to insert into an email or social media post.

It's great to give Dad a real card, but you may also want to email it or post it on Facebook, so you will need a JPG version.

In the Print Preview, zoom in to get the size you want, then use Windows Snipping Tool to snip the card front, and to save as JPG.


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written by lindarobin


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