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Will my PDF have embedded fonts?

When creating a PDF for professional printing, uploading to the web, or sending by email, you don't want your paragraph text to be converted to image; you want the fonts to be embedded.  This ensures sharp printing/viewing of the text and keeps the file size reasonable.

The Print Shop 6.0's save as PDF function is much improved over previous versions.  Some older versions could embed fonts only when the project contained a basic text box and one or two simple graphics, but today's verion 6.0 will embed the fonts even when all these conditions exist:

  • using linked text boxes
  • using text wrap
  • using multiple and overlapping images

Here is a Print Shop 6.0 PDF of a post card with embedded font.  The PDF can be uploaded to a professional printing service or emailed as a virtual card.


Save as PDF your newsletters, bulletins, menus, etc. and be confident that the text will be sharp because the fonts are embedded.

written by lindarobin


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