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Create a Specific Size Photo

Sometimes we need a photo cropped to a precise size to submit for a publication, for example, a magazine article or ad.  For this demonstration, let's say the publication has asked for a photo that must be sized to 2"x3" at 300 dpi.

Although the Image Editor does not have the tools to do this, I have a technique that accomplishes this easily in the Print Shop.  Start by creating a Custom Project.  Name the new paper stock and enter the Width and Height dimensions.


Click Save, and the new paper stock appears in the list of available stock. Click Create to open a new project with this size paper. 


Add your photo to the workspace.


Resize the photo to fill the 2x3 area.  Anything outside this area will be cropped off.


Under the Home tab, click JPEG to save this project as a JPEG file.


Choose the highest quality and 300 dpi, and Continue.


Give your new JPEG file a name and save it in a location that will be easy to find.  Do not overwrite your original file.

Your new file is ready for online submission.


written by lindarobin


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