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Aligning text using a table

If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you already know why putting your data into rows and columns makes sense.  If your data includes numbers, it is especially important that the numbers line up.

In this example below, you can see how well lined up the text and numbers are in one simple table. 


To create a table, click the Table icon in the Insert Object sidebar.  This lets you quick select a table size by clicking in the little square filled picture.  Don't worry - once your table is created, it is very easy to add or delete rows and columns, using the tools in the Tables tab.


Tip: Practise using the table tools with a minimun of data, so you get a good feel for how to edit a table. (You don't want to accidentally remove sections of your table after investing a lot of time typing in a lot of data.)

Similar to formatting text in a text box, you can format text in the table - font family, font size, color, etc.

Tip: Hover over the top of a column until you see an arrow pointing down, and click.  This selects the entire column so you can format everything in that column the same.  e.g. right justified

Tables can make your design visually pleasing and easy to read.  In this example everything lines up nicely.  I like the look of thin or invisible (white) lines for the final print.


Tip: In the Print Shop, images can't be inserted into a table cell.  However, the table cell boundary lines help you to size and position your images with their respective data.

More info on working with tables can be found in the User Guide:


written by lindarobin


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