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Calendar - Repeat Annual Events

Do you like to make photo calendars for family members as gifts for the holidays prior to the New Year?  Then of course, after you painstakenly type in everyone's birthdays and anniversaries, you want that information to automatically appear on future calendars that you will create.  Typing it again year after year - who wants that?!

In the Print Shop 5.0, by creating an Event List, all your calendar projects now and in the future, can import those events with just a couple of clicks.  Here is how we do it.

(IMPORTANT: Do not directly type annual events into a day cell.  Typing into a day cell is only for a one-time event such as a reminder to buy cake for the club picnic.  All events typed into day cells are deleted when you change the year.)

Select calendar, any month, to activate calendar tools.
Click Event Notifications.


The Upcoming Events box appears.
*** Click the Add button.


The Event Details box appears.
Fill in event title and date.


Click Edit Repeat Schedule, make selections to repeat once a year, save.


The Events Details box reappears showing the event will now repeat annually, click Save.
You will now see your new event in the Upcoming Events box.  (If necessary, increase the number of days that events will occur within.)


To add another event, Click the Add button and repeat the steps from ***.


You have now completed your Events List.  Next, we will import these events to your calendar.

Click Add My Events
Select All or just the ones you want.
Then click Add to calendar.


Ta-da! Your events appear on your calendar.

Now you can create future calendars and your events will appear by using Add My Events. You don't have to retype your events!


written by lindarobin


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