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Many on One Page

Here is an easy way to print many of the same thing on one sheet of paper.  My tip is: Use a Label Sheet project.  They are not just for making peel-off sticky labels.  With Label projects, you create one design and that gets printed multiple times on the same sheet of paper.

For this demonstration, I will make price tags for a handsewn item being sold at a craft show.

Start by creating a new blank project, choose Label Sheet.  For this demonstration, I am choosing Avery 5294 Round labels because this will give me 12 on a page, (not because I require round stickers.)


My work space appears.  I will ignore the circle boundary because I am not going to make a round design.


I add text and images from the Clip Art gallery.


After I finish my design, I am ready to print.  Here are my 12 price tags that I will cut apart.  These tags could also include contact info and business logo, so that the tag promotes your business, too.


The Label Sheet project is a great way to make many identical coupons, mini-cards, craft pieces, and holiday gift tags.

written by lindarobin


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