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12 Month Photo Calendars

The new year is coming!  If you are planning to create and print custom calendars as gifts for friends and family, it's time to get started.  With The Print Shop, you can make 12 month photo calendars, personalized with your own photos and embellished with exclusive Print Shop graphics.

The 12 month calendar project is probably the largest project you'll ever do, as it has 25 pages.  The most frustrating mistake is to make the project so full of images, edits, and special effects, that the program crashes (or your printer spools forever then crashes), the file corrupts, and all your hard work is lost!  Follow the tips and techniques presented here and you will not suffer that fate.

Sample Calendar

Once you open a new 12 month photo calendar project, there are four steps to completing this project.  Please remember to SAVE your work frequently.

  1. Add events via the Events Management function.  Detailed instructions here:  http://printshop.com/blog/2019/8/1/calendar-repeat-annual-events.aspx
  2. Create a full page JPG for the cover and for each month in separate landscape sign projects.  You will have 13 separate sign projects and 13 corresponding JPGs.  Detailed instructions here:  http://printshop.com/blog/2014/10/1/simplify-your-calendar-project.aspx
  3. Add each JPG to its appropriate page in the calendar project.
  4. Print.

You can get your pages cerloxed or spiral bound at many office supply stores.

If you need more help with any aspect of your calendar, please post your question at The Print Shop 5.0 forum.

written by lindarobin


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