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The Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool in the Print Shop Pro version, lets you select a particular color from an image. and then apply certain special effects to that selected color.  To demonstrate, here are two different background papers.


Paper A


Paper B

Let's "combine" these two papers to get a new look by editing Paper A.


Open Paper A in the Image Editor, then click the Artistic Effects button to reveal the magic wand selection tool.


Click the Magic Wand icon, then click a spot on the image.  The spot you click tells the Editor to select that spot and all adjoining spots of that color.  I clicked on a white spot between the round objects.  Notice how that area is now selected, indicated in light blue.

A Tolerance slider in the upper left corner, gives you more control.  By increasing the tolerance, your color selection will include more adjoining pixels of similar color.  (This is useful when trying to select, for example, the sky in a photo because the sky will be many shades of blue.)


With the white color area selected, I apply the Transparent effect.  


In my project, I position my edited image on top of Paper B which now shows through the new transparent area of Paper A.


Here is another look you can achieve by choosing another background image.



To select multiple areas of color, you click with the Magic Wand tool while holding down the Ctrl key.  Here I have selected a few round areas inside "scalloped frames".


I apply the Negative effect to  the selected areas.  This is one way of adding a different color to the image.



Another fun thing to do is to select certain areas on the background paper, and make them transparent.  Add photos and resize/reposition them over those areas.  Move the background paper to the top and you see the result!

Experiment with selecting areas of color and applying effects to those areas.  You may discover unexpected and pleasing results.

written by lindarobin


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