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Tint and Opacity Effects

There's nothing wrong with using a photo as is, but sometimes applying a filter to that photo will give you the desired effect you want for your special card.  For example, say you are making a card for your Mom, using a photo of when you were two years old.

Let's add a touch of vintage to your photo.

Add your photo to the page and copy/paste it.

Apply the Sepia effect to the copy.  This is how the Sepia version looks, but I want a hint of the original color to show through.


I position both photos exactly in the center of the page, so I know both are perfectly aligned one on top of the other.





With the sepia copy selected, click the Opacity button and move the slider to adjust the opacity.


I liked how it looked at 53%.  Group the two pictures so they stay together when you move them.


To finish my card, I added a creamy-beige background and a frame.  With so many choices in the Clipart Gallery, picking my favorite frame was the most time-consuming part of making this card!


Note: I really liked this embroidered frame, but its original color was bright yellow, Effects can work for clipart as well as photos.

The Sepia effect along with adjusting the brightness, changed the yellow to natural brown.

written by lindarobin


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