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Do you know someone who does not use a smart phone or any other electronic device to manage their appointments?  Often, these would be seniors who are more comfortable with pen and paper.

For many seniors, a calendar to write on, is most helpful to keep track of their appointments.  Important features for them are:

  • no distracting pictures
  • large date numbers for readability
  • enough space to write on

With the Print Shop, it's easy to create such a calendar.  No need to add holidays or any other events.

Start with a new blank calendar project.  Don't worry about the start date.  It's easier to change it in the next step.



Click on the first month page so that the Calendar options are activated.  Click the little icon ("15") to get the drop-down box.  Click on the month name you want to start with, then click the forward arrow to get to the year you want.



Make the font size bigger.  I chose size 28.




To remove the blank pages that are meant for pictures, go to each blank page, then select the Project tab and select Remove Page. (Or leave the blank pages and just let your printer print them.  You can gather up and put them back in the paper tray later)




Print the calendar project.

It is now ready for writing appointments on.


written by lindarobin


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