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Image Tray - selecting graphics the easy way

While working in The Print Shop, you may find yourself going back and forth between the Clipart Gallery and your project page, each time you choose a graphic and add it to your project.  You are probably thinking it would be nice if you could browse the Clipart Gallery, and make multiple selections.  Then have those selections all available to you in one convenient place.

That convenient place is the Image Tray.

For example, let's say you want Urban Grunge graphics to design a birthday card for a boy.


Instead of clicking on the thumbnail (which would take you back to your project page with the newly added graphic), hover over the thumbnail and click the Actions arrowhead.  From the drop-down menu, choose Add To Tray.

Do this for each graphic that you think you may want to use on your project.


When you are finished choosing graphics, close the Clipart Gallery. (Click the red X near the top right corner). At the bottom of your project page, click the Image Tray button to reveal all the selections you made in the Clipart Gallery.


Click and drag a thumbnail upwards, to add the image to your project.

Using Add To Tray makes collecting graphics for your project easier and faster.  Now that you have your selected graphics in the Image Tray, it's time to create!


written by lindarobin


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