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Double-sided Printing

Printers with an auto-duplexing feature will print on the one side, then automatically flip the paper, and print on the other side.  This is great, but what if your printer can't do this?  It's up to you to manually flip the paper over and re-insert it.

While there is very little physical exertion to do this, you may wonder,

"Which way do I flip the paper so the other side doesn't end up upside-down?"

Let's look at a typical side-fold card or brochure, on letter size paper, as shown here.Printer

On a top loading printer where the print comes out facing up, notice that the bottom of the brochure is against the RIGHT side of the printer.

Re-insert the paper, blank side facing up, with the bottom of the brochure against the RIGHT side of the printer.  This matches the bottom of side one with the bottom of side two.

If your printer does the opposite, i.e. the top of the brochure is against the right side of the printer, then you re-insert the paper with the top of the brochure against the right side of the printer.

Another way to look at this situation:  The edge of the paper that comes out of the printer LAST, is the edge that you insert into the printer FIRST, when you are ready to print the second side.

Likewise, a top-fold card printed on letter size paper (i.e. when folded, the card is 8.5" wide, 5.5" high) is printed the same way: the last edge out becomes the first edge in.

Happy printing!

written by lindarobin


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