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Want to customize a T-shirt, canvas bag, or quilt square with your own unique design?  Printing onto iron-on transfer paper is as easy as regular printing.  The difference is that you must print your design as a MIRROR image.


The Print Shop 3.5 and 4.0 make it simple to produce a mirror image.  In fact, you can take any project and change it to mirror image:

Select all (Ctrl-A), right-click, choose... Flip > Flip Horizontal.


Some things like regular text and shapes, will not flip horizontal.

Solution 1: Replace text with Headline text before you flip.

Solution 2: This method ensures that everything, including text and shapes, gets flipped.

  1. Save your project as JPG (use best possible resolution and quality settings).
  2. Open a new blank project, then add the new JPG.
  3. With the JPG selected, click Flip> Flip Horizontal.
  4. Ready to print!

(I also find this method better for complex projects with a great deal of elements, special effects, and high resolution photos.  It simplfies the instructions to your printer which avoids long spooling times and possible printing errors.)




Tip:  Use big, bold text for iron-ons.  Small text ironed onto fabric, is very hard to read.

written by lindarobin


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