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making a logo with a transparent background

You've designed your logo in The Print Shop 4.0.  Now you want to save it as an image with transparent background (i.e. PNG) rather than a white background.

For this demonstration, I have created a logo on a Sign project, landscape orientation.


Save your project.

Now we will create a JPEG version.  (It will have a white background, but we will edit it later.)  On the Home tab, click Save As JPEG.


Name your new file and save it in a location where you can easily access it.  Choose the highest quality options.


Click the My Photos button, then click Import.  Browse to where you saved your JPG logo.  Now it is imported into the gallery and you will see its thumbnail.


Hover over this thumbnail to bring up the Edit Copy option.  Click Edit Copy and the logo will open in the Image Editor.


Click the Effects button to activate the Effects tools.  This is where we will select the white background and change it to transparent.


Click the Magic Wand tool.  Using the Magic Wand, click on the white background.  Hold down the Ctrl key and click any additional bits of white (e.g. inside the letters)  Your selected area is indicated in blue.

Now that all the white background is selected, click the Transparent button.


Click Apply, then click Save.  You will be prompted to give your edited image a new name.


Give your edited image a name and click OK.  A new thumbnail appears in the gallery.  You can see that the background is transparent!  Now whenever you want to add this logo to a Print Shop project, you just click on this thumbnail.


Also, you can make this image available to other programs or for sending to a professional printing service.

Hover over the thumbnail and when the Actions button appears, click the drop down arrow, then select Save To Disk.


Save the image in PNG format (otherwise the background will go back to white).  Save your PNG in a location where you can easily access it.


written by lindarobin


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