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Understanding Borderless Printing

Most printers will leave a border along all 4 edges ranging from about .1 inches on the leading edge,  up to .5 inches on the trailing edge (the unprintable margin area).

Some drivers have a "centered" option. This option simply adds more margin (until all the margins are equal) so that the printable area is centered. However, this reduces the size of the printable area.

Borderless printing to the rescue!  Borderless mode may not be available for all paper sizes and all types of paper.  It is usually available for 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 paper. Borderless mode will allow you to print on the entire paper surface, but please be aware of the following:

Paper loading mechanisms are not perfect.  It can be off by a 1mm.  This means that if you were to print a 4x6 print on 4x6 paper, you would end up with a sliver of white on one side and a sliver of the print missing off the opposite side.  To overcome this problem, borderless printing will slightly stretch your image so that your photo prints off the edge of the paper onto a sponge. This "overspray" ensures that something is still being printed past the edge of the paper, thus eliminating borders at the edges of the paper.


Your print is being stretch a bit so it won't be exactly the size that you specified.  (an "actual size" object will print slightly larger than "actual size")  Details very near the edge of the page will be cut off.  To compensate, create your design with extra background around the edges of the paper.

written by lindarobin


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