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Cropping Photos

Most people add a photo to their project first, and then crop it.  Although this is the intuitive method, it produces an edited image with the same aspect ratio of the original photo, giving it a distorted look.  The cropped photo then requires stretching.

Here is a better method for cropping photos:

Click the My Photos button, then Import your photo so its thumbnail appears in the gallery.  INSTEAD of clicking the thumbnail to immediately add the photo to your project, hover over the thumbnail until you see Edit Copy appear.  Click Edit Copy.


This action opens your photo in the Image Editor.  From the Positioning tab, select Crop.  Drag the four corners to set the crop bounderies.


Apply and save the crop.  Give your cropped copy a name.


A thumbnail of the new cropped copy appears in the gallery.  Click this thumbnail to add the cropped photo to your project.


Cropped images appear blurry on the project workspace, but as you can see in the Print Preview, the image is OK.  (This is a video display issue that they are working on resolving.)


Now that the cropped copy of your photo resides in the gallery, you can add it to any future project.  As well, cropping in TPS 3.5 is "non-destructive".  You can always Edit Copy again, and adjust the crop bounderies.

written by lindarobin


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