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Fill a Shape with a Photo

Trying to crop several photos, resize and arrange them just so on your page?  It can be painstaking work.  Here is an easier method!  Create a photo collage template with shapes.



Start by adding shapes to your page.  I chose rectangles for my example.


Select a rectangle to activate its context toolbar.  Click the Fill drop down arrow.




Choose Fill with My Image.  This opens the Photo Gallery where you can select or import one of your photos.

Your photo is automatically centered and cropped to fill the shape!  (Tip: choose photos that work with your shapes i.e. landscape photos with wide shapes; portrait photos with tall shapes.)


If your photos do not fit well in the shape, open a COPY of the photo in MS Paint or Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Crop it so that its proportions are approximately the same as your shape.  (It does not have to be perfect because it will be centered and cropped again when you use it to fill your shape).  Save it and import it to the Photo Gallery.

Fill in the rest of your shapes.


Choose from the huge assortment of available graphics in the Clipart Gallery to finish your project.


written by lindarobin


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