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Be inspired by a ready-made template.

Of course you can simply select a ready-made card, and print it off as is.  However, don't limit yourself to looking for only "finished" cards in a specific layout and category.  The fun is in making your card unique, reflecting your style, and bringing a smile to those important people in your life.  Print Shop's tens of thousands of images, and assorted tools, help you create that perfect card.

For example, if it's a quarter-fold card you want to make, look through the hundreds of quarter-fold layout thumbnails. Choose one that you like the way the elements have been arranged. Then go through the Clip Art gallery for Christmas images. So many hundreds of beautiful ones to choose from. Replace elements on the layout with your selected images from the Clip Art gallery.

You can create unique and beautiful cards that are simple to assemble because the positioning of the elements is already suggested by the ready-made template you picked.

Here is the Print Preview of one of the Ready-Made quarter-fold cards:


Let's go panel by panel and turn this design into something "Christmassy".


The front of the card.  First, I'll change the background colour fill from blue to golden-yellow. 

(related: making a background)

Then I'll swap the images for Christmassy ones from the Clip Art gallery.


The inside of the card.



8The back of the card.


So be inspired by some of the Ready-Made templates, then have fun choosing images and make your card special.


written by lindarobin


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