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Use The Print Shop 3.5 to Create High-Res JPG for 4x6 Professional Printing

You've been getting professional 4x6 printing of your digital photos for as little as 10 cents per print.  Wouldn't it be great to do this for some of your projects?  How about a hundred 4x6 mini-flyers to promote your small business, for as little as $10?  All the photo paper, high quality printing and cutting provided by your favorite printing service, just by submitting your JPG.

4x 6promo

4x 6flyer

Here are some tips for creating your 4x6.  In this example, I make a birthday party invitation.  Open a 4x6 postcard template:

Open -project

This is a good start because the design is already set for 4x6.  However, we don't want page two of the project, so delete it.

  1. Go to the second page by clicking the thumbnail in the System Tray (showing Page Preview).
  2. Open the Project tab and click Remove Page.


I chose this template because I like the graphics for the invitation I have in mind and I don't have to start from scratch.  If I want to start from scratch, I can delete selected objects or delete all.

I add my text and my photo.  I apply a frame which automatically snaps around the photo!  (Selecting your photo opens the Images tab and makes available the Frames button.)


Very Important!  Your printing service trims the edges off to ensure no white margins.  You lose anything close to the edge, so position elements within a "safe area" of 4mm from all sides.

Save your project.  Then click the Home tab and Save As JPEG.  Choose the highest quality and the highest resolution.


Name your new JPG file and save it in a location where it is easy to find, when you go to upload it to the printing service's web site (or copy to a memory stick so you can bring it into the physical store).

My 4x6 prints (with the edges trimmed off) will look like this:

4x 6invite

Use The Print Shop 3.5 and your creativity and take advantage of 4x6 professional printing!

written by lindarobin


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