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Simplify Your Calendar Project

You have tons of digital photos taken of the family.  What better way to share them all year long, than to give personalized calendars as holiday gifts?

Start now so they will be ready before year end!

A calendar project has 25 pages: 12 months, 12 photo pages, and the cover. 

The one photo per month calendar is classic and simple.


However, if I wish to create complex photo collages for every month, my project can get very large and very complicated depending on how many graphics I add and how many photo-editing features I apply.  My 25 page project file will become so big and complex that it could crash during a save.  The entire file can be corrupted and all my work is lost!  (Even if the file isn't corrupted, I already know that my printer will probably spool for hours, trying to process this enormous and complex file.)

Here's my solution: *** Use ONE jpg file per month. ***

How to create a JPG to import into your calendar project:

  1. Start a new landscape Sign project.
  2. Design your page.
  3. Save the project and also save as JPG, at the highest settings.
  4. Do this for each month.


When you have created all your JPG files, import each one into your Calendar Project.

Your Calendar Project is kept simple with a manageable file size that your computer and your printer will be able to handle.


written by lindarobin


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