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Adding a Linked Text Box

When typing long passages into a text box, the text may not fit in the text box. The text isn't lost, even though you can't see it. Instead of resizing the text box, you can place the extra text in another empty text box anywhere in your project and have the text flow from one text box to the other automatically. This is particularly useful for newsletters, in which you want to continue an article from the front page to an inside page, for example.

To add Linked Boxes:

  1. On your project, add a text box and write in or copy in your text. As your text box fills it should begin to push the text up and overflow until it doesn't fit in the text box anymore.
  2. Clicking out of the text box will move the text back to the top, but will cut off when it reaches the limitations of the text box.
    Text Overflow
  3. Click to select the text box that contains your text. 
    Note: If you do not select a text box with text already in it the options for linked text box will be unavailable.
  4. Click on the Add Text Box Button.
    Text Box Button
  5. Click on Add Linked Text Box.  If your project has multiple pages the option to add the linked text box to a different page will appear allowing you to link your text to the next page or several pages later.
    Insert a text Box

The end result will split the text between two text boxes, so that it flows between the two nicely.

Linked Text

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