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Saving your Project

Whenever you'd like to stop working to take a break, when your finished with your work, or anytime in between you can save your project. The Print Shop 3.5 offers several different file types in which you can save as.


The default file type and by far the most important one within The Print Shop 3.5. This file type is for saving your project in a editable format for use later. To save as this file format just click on the Floppy Disc Icon under the Format Tab. This file format can only be opened by people who have The Print Shop 3.5 installed.

Save Icon

Note: You can also perform a "Save As New File" by clicking on the main menu tab and then clicking on the Save as button.

 Save As Icon

This will open a save window and allow you to choose where you would like to save your project, rename your project, or create a different version of your project. Also note that doing this does not delete the original file so you will have two copies of your project now.


This file format is useful for save your project as a shareable file. Jpegs are compressed files so they are small in size so they can be easily sent via email and other means. To save as this file format click on the button for Save as JPEG on the Home Tab.



This is a file type allowing you to bring your project to the web. You can upload it to your own website. To save as this file format click on the button for Save as HTML on the Home Tab.



A high-quality file used for printing your project when it is not practical to print directly from The Print Shop. For example, when you're doing large scale projects, such as wedding invitations, that you want to have professionally printed. The Print Shop 3.5 allows you to save your projects as a PDF up to 600 dpi. The higher the dpi, the greater the image quality and detail.

These third party vendors often do not use The Print Shop, so they will not be able to use a PSProj file and JPEG would be too low quality for them to use.

This is where you would want to use a PDF file as it can be opened and printed out by anyone who downloads the free PDF reader from Adobe. To save as a PDF file format click on the button for Save as PDF on the Home Tab.

Image 450

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