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Working with Layers & the Arrange Menu

Every object on your project is assigned to a layer automatically. 

Think of layers as several sheets of paper directly on top of each other.  If you were to look at them you would only be able to see the top-most piece of paper.  If you wanted to see a sheet of paper that was below the top one you would have to move that piece of paper to the top.

In the example below we show three objects on a project:


In the image below you can see that when the layers are aligned on top of each other the headline and the text box are under the shape.


Right Click on an object to get additional options which allow you to move an object between layers in the Arrange menu.

Layers Menu

You can also do this by:

  1. Clicking on your object.
  2. Click on the Home Tab.
  3. Click on the Arrange button.
  4. Choose your layer option.

The Arrange menu has four options:

  • Move to Front - moves an object on top of all other objects.
  • Move to Back - moves an object behind all others
  • Move Forward - moves an object up one layer, allowing it to be over one object and behind another.
  • Move Backward - moves an object down one layer, allowing it to be over one object and behind another.

When objects are all aligned correctly, we can place our objects on top of one another nicely.


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