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Working with Color

Color is used in essentially every object in The Print Shop.

The Color tool is a square box on each tab filled with a default color.  This default color can be changed at any time by clicking on one of the available colors from the drop down. 

Choosing a Color

Aside from changing the color using the color options you have access to the following other tools:

Filling an object with a Transparent Color

Under the available colors is an option which appears as a Grey and White Checkerboard.  This option is for a transparent color.  Transparent is when there is no color selected and you will be able to see through the object.


You would use this in a shape if you only wanted to see the shapes outline. Or if you wanted to remove a color from an object you previously filled with a color.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper

This tool will take the color of the next item you click and match it for your object. 

So if you select eye dropper button and then click on a photo on your project it would match the piece of the photo you clicked on and fill your object with that color.

More Colors


This tool will make the Color Picker appear.

Image 276

Click anywhere on the color circle to select a color and then use the up and down arrows next to each color's name to adjust the color more subtly.  To apply the color click on the Apply Button.

Gradient Tool

The Gradient tool lets you to set multiple colors for your fill.  To do this:

  1. Click on the fill drop down.
  2. Click on the Gradient Option.
  3. The Gradient tool will Appear.
     Image 377
  4. Along the bottom of the Color wheel will be a small strip of color with a box on each end.
  5. Click on the first box to set the first color.
  6. Click on a color from the color circle above.
  7. Click on the second box to set the next color.
  8. Click on a color from the color circle above.
  9. If you want to add a third or a forth color double click on the slider bar.
    Note: Four Colors is the maximum.
  10. As you do this you will notice the preview on the right will change to display what the finished gradient will look like.
  11. Use the sliders to refine the gradient so that it displays the way you like.

Note:  You can also change the gradient from Linear to Radial which will give your gradient more of a circular effect.


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