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Object Grouping Tools

When you group objects, they will behave as one big object.  This means that all the grouped elements can be moved together as one without losing their placement in relation to each other.

To Group Objects:

  1. On the Design Desk, select all the objects that you want to group. To do this, hold down Shift and click each one. Each selected object displays with handles.
  2. Click on the Home Tab.
     Image 427
  3. Click on the Group button from the Home Tab.
    Group Menu
  4. Choose Group from the group menu.

The objects will then behave as one object, displaying one set of handles around the entire set. You can now move, size, and apply coloring to all the objects at once.

Note: You can add additional items to your group by selecting both your Group and any additional objects and then following the instructions above.


To Un-group Objects:

You can un-group objects that you have previously grouped, allowing you to move, size, and modify each object separately.

Note: If objects in a Ready-Made layout project seem unresponsive when you double click them, the objects may be grouped.

  1. On the Design Desk, select the group.
  2. Click on the Home Tab.
     Image 427
  3. Click on the Group button from the Home Tab.
    Group Menu
  4. Choose Un-group from the Group menu.

Each object that was in the group now displays with its own set of handles.

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