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Object Alignment Tools

You can position objects to appear in a particular, preset position on the project page.

  1. On the Design Desk, select one or more objects that you want to position.
    Note: To select multiple objects, hold down Control and Click each one.
  2. Click on the Home Tab.
     Image 427
  3. Click on the Align Button menu.
    Alignment Menu
  4. If you have only one object selected the following options are available to you:
    • Center on Page - centers selected object on the page.
      Center on Page
    • Center Horizontally - centers selected object between the left and right sides of the page.
      Center Horizontal
    • Center Vertically - center selected object between the top and the bottom of the page.
      Center Vertical
  5. If you selected more than one object on the project you can align them with one another:
    • Horizontal Align Left - aligns the left edges of the objects.
      L-H Align
    • Horizontal Align Center - centers the objects with one another Horizontally.
      C-H Align
    • Horizontal Align Right - aligns the Right edges of the objects.
      R-H Align
    • Vertical Align Top - aligns the Top edges of the objects.
      V-T Align
    • Vertical Align Center - centers the objects with one another Vertically.
      V-C Align
    • Vertical Align Bottom - aligns the Bottom edges of the objects.
      V-B Align

The selected objects display positioned according to your choices.

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