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Working on More than one Project at a Time

When creating a project it's important to consider that it's possible to actually save time by creating multiple projects at once. A good example is a business that uses many templates or styles across everything they use. So using this as an example some of the basic things a business would use are letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. All of these things are going to contain the following items:

  • A logo
  • A mailing address
  • A phone number

To save time we will create these items once and then it will be as easy as copying and pasting this information to the other two projects. You can do this too by following the steps below.

  1. From the Project Gallery choose Letterhead pre-made templates.
    Letterhead Button
  2. Pick a letterhead template that best fits your needs. Example: "Digital Greens Letterhead" meets the three criteria listed above. This is an online template so it requires that it first be downloaded.
  3. Replace the text placeholders in the top green section of the page. This will be enough for now with the letterhead. You will want to Save your completed project.
  4. Without closing the letterhead open a new project by clicking on "Template" on the sidebar.
    Template Button
  5. Then choose the Envelopes category.
    Envelope Button
  6. Choose a blank #10 Envelope. The envelope project will now open in a new project tab next to the tab for your letterhead.
  7. Click on the tab for the first project to switch back.
  8. Click and drag your mouse cursor over the items you want to select from the first project. If you're having a difficult time dragging over the items you can press the control key and click on the item to add it to your selection.
  9. Once you have your items selected, click on the Copy icon or press Control and C together on your keyboard.
    Cut Copy Paste Buttons
  10. Switch back to your envelope project.
  11. Click on the "Paste" icon or press Control and V on your keyboard.
    Cut Copy Paste Buttons
  12. Now all that's left is to resize and position your objects around the envelope.

You can use these same steps to replicate the same template on any project type like business cards, greeting cards, or calendars.

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