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Inserting Mail Merge Fields

Address Merge fields are placeholders in Text Boxes.  When you print your project, The Print Shop replaces the placeholders with information from your Address Book.  The information can be a first name or a complete address.  Address Merge fields allow you to address your card, envelope, or other project to more than one person without having to retype their names and reprint your project over and over.

When you print a project that contains Address Merge Fields, multiple versions of the project will print, each one with different contact information for each name you selected from the Address Book.

Adding Address Merge Fields

You can add Address Merge Fields to text, which inserts placeholders for information contained in your Address Book.  To do this do the following:

  1. Insert a Text Box into your Project.
  2. Click inside the Text Box so the cursor changes to allow for typing.
  3. The Text Tab will appear automatically.
    Text Tab
  4. Choose a field you want merged into the text box from the text tab, such as a first name for an invitation.
    Mail Merge Options
    Tip: You can also click on Insert Address Block to automatically insert the standard shipping information into the text box.
  5. Click on the Insert Field Button.
  6. The Merge Field that you chose will be entered into your text box as {{First Name}} if you used the example above.
    Text Box MF

Note:  You will need to format the merge fields as you would any other text.  This means you should add spaces or punctuation between them if necessary.  If you only enter several merge fields without formatting them, you will end up with one continuous string of text after the merge.

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